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Killstreak System Suggestion

Make Ghosts focused on gunplay like cod4 rather than killstreak clusterfuck (BO2).

-Killstreaks should be relatively weak in terms of lethal killing power. The highest streaks should be at about 11 kills or 1100 scorestreak. This is because this will lead to reduced spawn killing by streaks and a better gameplay flow overall.

-Streaks should be relatively easy to acquire. You should be able to get UAV from a 3 killstreak. In BO2 it takes 5 kills in TDM to get a UAV. This makes the gameplay too dull. Easier streaks means that weaker players can also still provide support for their team.

-There should be 1 strike package like there is in BO2. Support strike package lead to stealth bomber and EMP spam.

-Your own AI controlled streaks should not damage you. There are so many games where a guy's own swarm kills him. Your own player controlled streaks should still damage you though.

- Most streaks should carry 1 set of flares. This is to reduce the amount of people shooting them down constantly, but still makes them possible for a single player to take down by themselves as you spawn with 2 stingers.

-Capture kills in Dom should be worth the same as a defend. This is so it caters to both offensive and defensive play. Caps should stay at 200 score though.

-Killstreak kills should be worth 75 if a normal kill is worth 100. This is to bring back streak chaining which makes the game more fast paced.

-However, if you get your highest streak, kills earned with this streak will not count towards your next set of streaks that life. If you earn a UAV then die, the UAV assists will not stack towards your streaks.

-Perks which counter streaks should be effective. All killstreaks should have a perk counter.

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Re: Killstreak System Suggestion

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Streaks should be limited in number. I suggest 5 tiers with two Streaks to choose from in each tier; One offensive, one defensive. Your first Streak should not be given to you after minimal work. You have to earn each Streak you get. They need to be spaced out more so that one good run doesn't net your first Streak which earns you the rest.

In Black Ops II you could get a Lodestar and with that alone it got you your Dogs and SWARM and most likely a good way into your next cycle and you still had two more high powered Streaks to call in. That needs to be fixed.

I'm glad to see the community wanting gun on gun action more with this title. It makes all my preaching worth while

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Re: Killstreak System Suggestion

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Rather than get into specifics about a mechanic that I am sure is pretty baked...

... I'll proffer my POV about the the philosophy I hope Ghosts will use.

* Streaks should not be over-emphasized.

* Streaks should not recycle over a single life.

* Streaks should carry over between rounds (but keep what you've earned).

* Streaks should not chain.

* Streaks should stack.

I'm less concerned about the specifcs, TBH.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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Re: Killstreak System Suggestion

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To the OP ...

You don't need 5 kills to get a UAV in Core TDM. If you are absolutely certain that it is necessary, then send me a private message via Activision and I'll hook up with you on XBL to show you how you can actually get a UAV in TDM with no kills at all. Certainly you can get a UAV with 2 or 3 kills.

Anyway, making it easier to get rewards will not reduce the emphasis upon rewards. Lowering the highest reward level will not help matters, either. I can explain using COD4 as the best example. Once you got your chopper, you would suicide before calling it in. Once you respawned you called it in and let the kills from it count toward the new set of rewards. Net result is that you would only have to get 2 or 3 kills to get another chopper. That's how better players spammed kill streak rewards in COD4. It is also the reason IW increased the number of rewards available to choose from and made their reward level go up to 25 (the nuke).

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