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Whats up, i want to start getting more serious playing and want to do whatever i can to help me play better. The only problem i seem to encounter are what seems to be internet related and getting insta-killed then watch killcam and seeing the enemy seen me a good second before he was even on my screen right now i have fios 50down/25up (don't know if that matters) i'm looking for ways to maximize internet i use the router that verizon fios provided and have not forwarded ports or did anything just plugged it in and started playing. I got so many people with different opinions some say slow internet down to have lag comp work to my favor, others say open ports, others say that's not safe don't touch them. Does anyone know enough for a straight answer on how i can make my internet better or gameplay in that category. If so list things by brand if possible that are needed and anything you know please will help a ton thanks. And if not to much to ask alittle description or example on why its better thank you!!

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This is a major area for up coming titles. How to make the game "Fair Play"

Maybe a design of some kind of server to link up to , that outputs the same even if a stand-down period is a factor,

Look at the amount of effort you have put into ,trying to get an advantage over your opponents

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Re: Internet

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Latency happens, it is the internet. No gunfight will ever be 100% fair (on your screen).

Everyone gets the same game

So, all you can do is optimize/improve your own settings.

Your bandwidth means relatively little to gaming. Gaming uses very few MB, even when you are host. Just because someone has a 100dn/10up  bandwidth does not mean they are better placed than someone with a 10dn/1up --> it just does not work that way.

Bandwidth is only advantageous to you if multiple people/devices are using your connection at the same time. Large bandwidth will help you download patches/mappacks quicker too. But, as for playing does not matter.... bandwidth + speed.

In short the closer (in ping) you are to the host the better time you are going to have.

Factors -->

how close you are to your local telephone exchange (this is your "last mile" of internet travel)

Who you are matchmaked with. !!!!!!! (remember their are 11 other players.

How close you are to host compared to the other 11 (whether it is listen sever or dedi server)

How well is your router configured.  Again, in short, the more efficient you make your router in passing data through...the betterSmiley Happy

You can give the following a read...

Achieving Open NAT - port numbers included. Ghosts V2

Also, for optimum gaming using an ethernet cord is always more stable/faster than Wifi. Stability is as important for your connection as speed is.

Please note that online gaming is not a perfect world.

Even with the best internet/router setup you will come across events in game that make you go WTF. Why... the nature of latency. In most occasions a player with a lower ping to host will have the slight heads up on opponents. Yet, some circumstance will give the lagger the slight advantage,,,,, latency is a double edged sword. BUT, having your router configured properly is "best".

Also, do not discount other factors that you can control. Lag can also come in the form of 'input lag'. Simply put, a gaming monitor has a lower input lag than a big screen TV. If you have a big tele, that's cool, just make sure that it is set to "game mode" which most TV's come with nowadays.

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Re: Internet

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Just make sure your connections are port forwarded and use always a wired connection. Also always update what ever needs to updated in relation with your connection.

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