How long did it take you to prestige?

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Took me 17 hours with 1 weekend of double xp 

my average spm was 300 when I played tdm but I switched over to hardcore tdm and the spm has slowly risen and continues to rise hardcore tdm is the way

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12 hours

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Fastest:  14h 18m 04s

Slowest:  1d 15h 11m 08s

Mostly TDM with an average score of 1346. Some prestiges took the course of a weekend with 2xp. Other prestiges took a month with minimal play. The final squad member I ranked up was ridiculous with all the challenge XP popping since the last update with the change to operations.

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Roughly 24 -28 hours without 2xp, I play alot of HCDom

Average Score  = 2100+

I haven't played on-line in over a month Iv'e missed out on a lot of 2xp due to a broken arm (they cast my thumb up as well) got another month to go , But I think in the end it doesn't matter how fast up you prestige , Right track or not, cos if you play long enough....

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I just maxed out 10th today.

I play HC-TDM and avoided 2XP weekends due to the laggy lobbies.

It took me (272.05hrs) This works out to (27.205hrs/Prestige).

Im not the greatest player by any means. Lots who have done it much faster. I have a 1.92KDR....

Kinda boring LvL'ing up in this release to say the least.

Hope this helps & Good luck to all working their way up.

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Too long, that's for sure. Domination and SnR man myself.

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I've almost reached master but my first couple took about 18 hours each. My last 3 or 4 have taken me between 9 hours and 13 hours depending on a few things like double xp.

Interestingly my last two were almost identical (9 hours 55 mins and 9 hours 53 mins). It seems a lot easier now they have changed the way operations work. I seem to be cycling through the same challenges over and over again at a fairly fast pace.

Domination player by the way! Average score at the moment is 2500.

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i am level 52 i believe, and have 11 hours in. i'all prestige as soon as i can. which would probably be 12 hours lol but i'll let you know when i do (:

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