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Hello Community,

We recognize and understand the importance of multimedia on our forums. Below you will find the revised guidelines for a few of the most common ways that our past users have deployed their content. We'll do our best to communicate our expectations here.

We can and will enforce this document as we do the Community Etiquette & Guidelines and the Terms of Use. However, it will not conflict with either of those two documents.

Please keep the below in mind as you post and understand that we have the right to remove or edit anything at our sole discretion.

Important General Information

Spamming of any sense in regards to multimedia content will result in a posting suspension and the removal of all of your content. The length of the suspension is at our discretion.(Spamming includes asking our forum for subscriptions or follows.)

Our community reserves the right to dislike provided content within reason. Reports against our community for justified criticism will result in the removal of your thread.

Posted videos are subject to our Community Guidelines, Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.

Thread Type Guidelines

Discussion Pieces

We have heavily outlined that our community is of the typed discussion format. Thus we would like you to follow the grain and present the content of the video as a summary below the link or the embed.

Yes, we understand that some videos are long and some concepts need to be paraphrased. We're okay with this, but a six minute video is not effectively described in two sentences. If you care about the content you're bringing, then you will meet this expectation. It is a simple request.

Yes, this includes commentaries too.

Showcase / Streaming Pieces

Similar to the above, we would like a description of your content. What you did or what you intend to do is generally what we're looking for. Engage our community and see if anyone else has done this or will do this as well. You need to put some effort into this written portion, but it should be a piece of cake.

Quality / Feedback Inquiries

These were at one point standalone and allowed to exist, but were exploited to gain views. Thus we have retracted our initial position of allowing them and ask for you to consider the following. - Please conduct this along with your presentation of the above two situations. This allows for a deeper field of discussion along side any points or challenges you bring with the video. Videos that lack a description and simply ask for feedback will be removed.

Posting Guidelines

One thread is all you need per video. If you're going to create a series, please create a single thread for this series and update as you go along.

Posting in the correct sub-forum is important. If the video is related to a particular platform, then post it in the platform's sub-forum. If you need to reach a general audience, then the index or general sections will do quite well.

Bumping your video or creating artificial discussion, yes we will find out either immediately or over time, is discouraged. This can and will lead to action taken against your thread and forum account.

Moderator Advice

I've been around since CharlieOscarDelta. I can tell you that our forum is saturated with people who have watched trickshots, large killfeeds and cross-map projectiles netting awesome kills. So don't expect an amazing response when you post your content. Unless you've got something original, the math is against your favor for people who will want to watch it. Our community will however offer you tips, advice, and discussion on how to better your progress or the ideas you present in your videos. We encourage you to seek this from us. You need only remain respectful and humble to gather positive and civil discussion.

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