Ghosts is hacked already on xbox

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Anyone else seen the videos on YouTube there's been 3 put on this morning just type call of duty ghosts hacked lobby and you will see them. Seriously this game is doomed

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Hacked on both PS3 and Xbox.

Most likely it'll be dealt with soon, and if not, next-gen is right around the corner.

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But they can't just forget about current gen. It needs fixed on PC, Xbox and PS3

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shame the videos must have been removed. I'm quite shocked to see a game hacked with less than two days to the games full release.

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This surprises you? The game was hacked D1 on both systems when Black Ops 2 was released. This is one of the big issues with people getting access to early copies of the game. It gives hackers plenty of time to get into the code of the game and discover a way to implement a hack or discover a leveling glitch in the game. Now that I think about it, this might be another reason for why the PS4 isn't allowing external Hard Drives and USBs, because that seems to be the way that most of the hacks end up in the game. Without that, it'll be a lot harder to hack and a lot easier for Sony to track and shut down before damage is done. So, we'll see what happens.

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Lol the PS4 doesn't support hard drives and USBs for hardware reasons. Not because kids hack on Call of Duty.

Also what is the difference between people hacking the game 2 days before launch and day one? Nothing really, except it gives devs more time to get a patch going so we have to deal with the hackers for a smaller amount of time.

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You assume that Call of Duty is the only game that hackers hack. So, what hardware reasons would the PS4 not support them? You can format a HDD or USB to work with any system. There has to be a very specific reason for why they aren't allowing this and something tells me that the MP3 thing and the USB/External HDD thing are all linked.

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Also, what it seems to be is an XP Lobby hack, which once the dedicated servers are in use won't be a big deal.

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xThatTributeGuyx wrote:

Also, what it seems to be is an XP Lobby hack, which once the dedicated servers are in use won't be a big deal.

Ghosts will be using a hybrid model of listen and dedicated servers. The little haxzors will still be able to do their thing... just not as rampant.

Something at least.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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SOme say not a big deal! I think it is a big deal! But hopefully like has been said above, gives time to the devs to patch it. On the flip side, surly in the year 2013 can't the devs put something in place that as soon as a hacker plays it puts a console ban on them, or something like that?

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