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Weapons and Weapon Balance

Weapons are the most important thing in a shooting game and that’s why we need a good variety in weapons for the next COD. Each weapon needs to feel unique and different. Weapons should be fun to use and shouldn’t feel the same. In Ghosts the weapons aren’t that good and fun to use like in other COD games. In BO2 each weapon was fun to use and had its own advantages. In Ghosts there are weapons we just don’t want to use because they don’t have any good aspects on them.  We want plenty of good and fun to use weapons. Weapons need to feel different. A weapon with a high fire rate needs deal less damage while a weapon with a lower fire rate needs a bit more damage. We want a game where it is rewarding to use both an Assault Rifle or SMG and no such thing as AR dominance or SMG Dominance. Make the weapons both good and fun to use. Balance the weapons very well and make sure to playtest a lot so you can balance the game very well. Make sure some weapons have some recoil like LMG’s. Those things were lasers back in BO2 and everybody hated them when people used them and killed and SMG at close range with it. Also Snipers have to be balanced and fair too. Quickscoping in Black Ops 2 was ridiculous and too easy to do. The aim assist was simply too high and the hit box too big. Sniping in Black Ops 1 was the best sniping mechanic in COD. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t too easy, you actually needed some skill to be good, something that is missing in the latest COD Games. Shotguns need a good change compared to BO2 too. In BO2 the Remington 870 was simply too strong. They could kill you even while being shot and sometimes at too long ranges. So Treyarch or Sledgehammer make sure to get this right in the next COD game. Bringing some classic favorites back like the UMP45,MP5 or AK74u would be awesome too. People always love to see their favourite gun return on a new game combined with other new weapons.


The maps are a very important success factor of a game. The retail maps are the most important maps and these maps have to be good. Games like Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 1 all had amazing maps and map designs. Black Ops 2 also had decent maps but not as good as the games I just mentioned. Maps need to be fast paced, not too big, well designed with not too many flanking routes and need to have a nice look to the eye. Small and Medium Maps are very important for Call of Duty and that’s why we need a lot of them. Maybe add 2 or 3 bigger maps to the game. Having a good selection of maps is a key feature to make a game good. So COD Developers, make sure you guys get this right! Also we love the idea of getting some free remade maps but the most important part is that the retail maps need to be fast paced and action packed.


Killstreaks are very important feature in Call of Duty Games and shouldn’t be neglected. The Scorestreaks system from Black Ops 2 was a really good improvement over the killstreak system from Black Ops 1 but it only had one flaw. The score per kill in Team Deathmatch was too low on Black Ops 2 which made it very hard to get high killstreaks in TDM. The score should have been 125 per kill instead of 100 per kill. In the next COD Game make Killstreaks good and fun to use so it feels rewarding when you get one so we get all excited when we are getting close to one and achieve it. In Ghosts killstreaks feel boring and don’t feel that much fun to use. Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 1, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 all had fun to use killstreaks so make sure this will be the case in the next COD Games. In Ghosts there is also a lack of player controlled streaks which makes the streaks also less fun. I miss the AC130 and Reaper in Ghosts. So Sledgehammer make this right! Also bring the UAV back, the sat com isn't that great as we expected and only encourages camping.

Killtimes, Hit Detection and Movement Speed

I don’t need to say much about the Killtimes in Call of Duty or the movement speed because it is very simple. In BO2 it took too many bullets too kill and in Ghosts you kill too fast. Balance this by adding very good killtimes to the next COD games were you don’t kill too slow nor too fast. Personally I think the MW2 killtimes were the best.

A good hit detection is very important! Ghosts has a very good hit detection just like MW2 but BO2 has a terrible hit detection so make sure get this right Sledgehammer!

The movement speed is also very important. You may not know this but in BO2 you run as fast as in BO1 while using Lightweight. This is bad because it makes Lightweight in BO2 one of the best perks in the game. Make sure the movement speed is back to normal in the next game like in Ghosts. Having a too fast movement speed will cause terrible frustrating deaths by people appearing out of nowhere.

Equipment, Attachments and Perks.

I don’t have much to say about this rather than saying get this right. We don’t want things like an IED. Just give us equipment like C4, Semtex, Frag, Claymore, Bouncing Betty and the Throwing Knife. Also do not add equipment like the Shock Charges. Just make sure there is a nice variety in equipment that isn’t OP but also not Under Powered.

Attachments in COD shouldn’t be an issue to talk about normally but this time I will. BO2 introduced the Target Finder. Something we all hate and shouldn’t return. The Tracker Sight is also the same case. We don’t want something like that to make it too easy to spot and kill enemies. Get rid of these things. Noobtubes  are a fun attachment to use but shouldn’t be OP like in MW2. Bring them back but make them effective at certain situations.

The Perks have changed from a small amount of perks to a large amount of perks in Ghosts. What I would like to see is a decent amount of perks. The amount of perks in BO2 should be the amount of perks in all COD Games. Ghosts simply has too many perks in my opinion. Make Create a Class less complicated, maybe bring Pro Perks back? Idk. Make sure to balance the perks very well too. A perk like Ghost or Assassin should only work while moving to encourage movement.


Call of Duty has never been about the Graphics but that doesn’t mean we want dull grey graphics like the Ghosts Current Gen version and MW3. We want graphics that are more colourful but don’t like cartoons. MW2 had very good looking colourful graphics and I think the next COD Game should have the MW2 Colours with the Ghosts details.


All I want to say about the gamemodes is that we need a good amount of gamemodes, some new ones and some classic favorites like Domination, Demolition, Hardpoint, Headquaters and CTF. Also add some party games in the game like Gun Game and One in the Chamber(private match or public)

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You can do this Sledgehammer!

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Future title discussion is GHOSTS OFF TOPIC

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I apoligize

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Mw2 remasterd i think could be the best game ever of cod
Exacly the same only better graphics
And new game modes party playlist next to normal. Ps mw2 is my personel favorite game ever without the hackers.
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1.) Guns are plenty balanced, diverse and fun in Ghosts, and I certainly see a much greater use of different weapons in Ghosts and even MW3 than I have in BO2. BO2 COULD'VE been similar if it weren't for the very repetitive, tiny map designs which all but forced total SMG/shotgun action with a smidge of ARs, and even out of those, you primarily only saw the PDW and MSMC out of the SMGs, the Remington out of the shotguns, and Select Fire-equipped FALs out of the ARs. There has been and always will be a handful of weapons that will see a lot more use than others for one reason or another, but that doesn't necessarily mean those weapons are OP either. Not that many of such weapons were truly OP (MW2 UMP45, WaW MP40, BO1 FAMAS pre-patch and AK-74u with Rapid Fire, MW3 MP7)

Also, so you know, the ranges of shotguns have only shrunk more and more with each game for a while. In fact, the shotgun OHK range in BO2 (and in general) was the shortest of ALL CoDs so far, IIRC. The real reason why the Remington seemed to have killed from so far was most likely due to lag, so it gave the illusion of distance when, in reality, the person killing you was actually a lot closer than what your screen showed.

And why bother asking for "balance" and for a weapon type(s) not to dominate, yet say they should bring back 2 weapons (UMP 45 and AK-74u) that did just that in past games? Kind of backwards there.

2.) Maps should keep up the pattern that Ghosts has, a balance between small, medium, and large. NO dominance of one type over the others. BO2 took small to the extreme and it became boring and repetitive and, as mentioned, ended up forcing dominance of SMGs and shotguns primarily, not giving much of a chance to others weapons, even ARs. A diverse map selection means no one weapon type, loadout, and/or playstyle totally dominates over all the others all the time (even in a map where they may perform better, others can still have some sort of chance), thus keeps players on their toes because they'll never know exactly what they'll come up against. Just because you and some others may believe CoD is "meant to be" fast-paced, non-stop action, that doesn't mean everyone else agrees or that it is so. I don't mind fast-paced action, but I certainly don't want it every single game like BO2 did. That became repetitive, stale, and boring, just like if every map were a large map and all I had were long range engagements every match.

3.) Ghosts Killstreaks don't feel "that much fun" (they're still fun to me, IMO) because they're no longer the entire-team-massacring-for-less-cost Killstreaks that they were in past games, but back to being the more supportive, secondary functions that they should be and bringing the game back to Players vs. Players rather than Players vs. Streaks, which is exactly what MW2, BO1, MW3, and BO2 became. In Ghosts, if you want such a streak (like LOKI), you DO have to earn it and with it, you CAN decimate the enemy team (and it IS pretty much a combination of the Reaper/AC-130 and Osprey Gunner, so no need for either to be brought back).

And you say the SAT-COM isn't that great, but it encourages camping, yet you want them to bring back the UAV, which was, in comparison, much better? .....yeah, you do know how backwards that is, right? The SAT-COM was made precisely BECAUSE of constant UAV/Spy Plane spam in previous games (and was widely complained about). The SAT-COM is no UAV, yes, and that's a good thing. If you want something like the UAV with it, then it requires actual communication and teamwork.

4.) It only "took too long" to kill/be killed in BO2 because lag and hit detection were even worse than MW3. Ghosts has largely fixed that problem (still hiccups at times, but still far better), so EVERYONE is killing/dying when they're supposed to far more often (which also gave the impression of "more health" in previous games). If previous games had much less lag and better hit detection like Ghosts has, you'd be killing/dying just as quickly as in those games as in Ghosts.

5.) You do know that the IED functions quite a bit like the Bouncing Betty in that you can survive it by going prone and with other maneuvers right? Not to mention Sitrep easily spots it.

The Target Finder was fine, IMO. People act like it was some sort of auto-aiming device and constantly made the stupid argument that "only used by those who can't aim" (do such players know how ridiculous that argument sounds and how it actually makes themselves look bad rather than the Target Finder user?). It only did exactly what it said it does; help locate targets. It didn't have that much zoom and it cut your peripheral vision (all much like the Tracker Sight). It isn't like, once you spotted a target, it automatically moved the weapon, locks onto the target's head, and fires the weapon perfectly to get 2-3 shot kills from across the map. There's also the fact that there was Cold Blooded to use as a counter (and EMP Grenades, but those were actually used), but hardly anyone used it because many felt they "shouldn't have to change" in order to counter it, so convinced themselves it was "useless" even though it's actually quite effective.

And actually, Ghosts is the first one to really expand the Perk numbers. All the previous games back to CoD4 have had 3 Tiers with 5 or more Perks per Tier so no, it did not go from small to large as the series went on. It went from relatively the same amount to slightly more.

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request: Patch previous MW3 theater mode into Ghosts squad mode only.  Why spend time customizing your "squad" if you can't spectate how they play?  IMO epic fail... The squads mode isn't a truly competitive mode anyway, it's a training mode so who cares if it lags sometimes?  With the advanced customization options re: characters in Ghosts, you could make some killer wartime Macihinima... just saying...

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As far as weapon balance I would say COD4 takes the prize I always saw a variety of weapon being used. MW2 after the nerfs I would say also had a variety of weapons but not as much. Black Ops 1 the weapon balance was okay but because of the Famas and AK74-u those were literally the only guns I saw in a competitive stand point. When people weren't trying to win that's when I saw a variety of weapons which was most of the time to be honest. In MW3 this is where weapon balance began to truly decline all you could see before the weapon buffs in the final stages of MW3 were ACRs,  MP7s Strikers, Type-95s,  and PP90M1s that's it after the buffs the ratio stayed pretty much the same but the weaker guns were still able to compete till an extent. Black Ops 2 is where it got even worse not because of overpowered weapons but because the guns got way too easy to use and when it comes to overpowered all but one of the SMGs destroyed the other guns after the nerfs and buffs all you can see are SMGs, KAP-40s, M8A1s, AN-94s, B23Rs, LSATs, and the R870. Call of Duty Ghosts the gun balance is the of Black Ops 2 instead of the SMGs dominating the other guns it's but three of the Assault Rifles and MTAR-X that are seen the most and now even the M27 is showing up more as well but the other guns are rarity. What's worse about the Assault Rifles in this game and the SMGs in Black Ops 2 is the assault rifles are viable at all ranges no matter what the situation is. So long story short I agree they need to make ALL weapons have the ability to compete at their best ranges.

As for maps I do not agree they shouldn't be all fast paced and have no flank routes. They should be maps designed for all play styles so no one has to change the way they play just because a map appears. MW2 got their maps right you have close quarter combat as well as long ranged combat and everything in between that's the approach future games should be taking. When all of the maps are medium sized and small and fast paced you are forcing people to play a certain which isn't fair to be honest. As for the small maps they should never return ever again cause the spawn logic can't handle it and it becomes too unstable for any fair engagement to actually happen basically you get the situation that Ghosts is in now only amplified. All maps should be medium and large because both map types allow for all styles of play. I believe there should be many flank routes in all maps as well because in real life they don't worry about if someone is going to stay in that area or not. To be honest I think real to life maps would be a great addition to Call of Duty instead of the three lane and very open maps that have been given to us for years. Ghosts maps aren't bad they got the size right they just didn't get the openness right because the maps are too open they need more clutter and more unnecessary rooms so that they have points of interests and cover to promote movement they need to also have a circular motion in the center of the map. If map size was was the cause of this slow paced game play then Derail and other map close to it's size would have the same exact results which they didn't because I can finish a game faster on Derail then I can on Stonehaven and Stonehaven is smaller. So map size isn't the reason why it's slowed down cause if that's the case BF4 wouldn't have action at all which in this case it has more action then Ghosts.

Killstreaks I can't really agree with you I think yes they should reward the players better for doing well but here is how I would do it. Basically I think a killstreak that has a chance to be destroyed and they aren't overpowered should be in the game. I also think Assault, Support, and Specialist should also be in the game as well. There should also be another tier for kill streaks and it should be called One Man Army yes I know there was perk named one man army. But this would be different basically it would be set up like Assault but the kill streaks wouldn't be outside sources that help the player it would be outside sources that directly affect the player things like more gun damage or player speed or rapid fire or more accuracy that the player would have to activate themselves which they lose once activated when they die. Also regarding kill streaks I think they should make it where the player is rewarded for everything they do instead of just kills or objectives anything that helps their team should make it where they get points that goes towards the kill streaks.

Involving kill time and hit detection these things can only be fixed if they decide to upgrade the entire engine not just lighting and sound. The camera angles and out of sync issues cause the kill time to be instant and the hit detection to be off as well as latency. The movement I have to agree it needs to be faster in general because pretty sad when I can react and run faster then the game players. This is an arcade game the game characters should either be the same as real life or faster then soldiers. So the movement speed in general needs to be faster.

The equipment and attachment and perks are fine by me as long as they aren't a crutch. I agree with the Target Finder it was a bit much but the Tracker Sight and Marksman perk were never a problem. As for the Thermal sight my only gripe is it isn't like MW2's where it had recoil and sway that's something they need to add to all scopes and remove from the Acog Sight. As for lethal equipment and tactical equipment including the shock charges I have no problem with those as well because all of them can be countered.

Graphics can only be improved when the engine is upgraded. So they need to upgrade before they worry about graphics. Right now the graphics are limited to what the artists can actually create so instead of complaining about the graphics complain about the art itself unless you really want the graphics to be realistic like Crysis or better.

As for the game modes I agree the classics were fun but for game modes like Demolition they need to make it where people actually have to think instead of just spawn camping. My suggestion for Demolition would be to make it two rounds of both teams attacking and defending simultaneously and then making two bombs across the map from two other bombs directly in the middle of the map parallel from each other so that the spawns can be dynamic to prevent spawn camping. Basically when it comes down to it they need to make more game modes that cause the player to think about their actions instead doing the  same thing over and over. Classics are fine but when it comes to objective based game modes it needs to be something players think about and work as a team playing it.

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I was thinking about some extra stuff they could add to make more people use specialist and make it equal to the support and assault killstreak sets:

Last Man Standing- May go into a form of final stand, however, the enemy still acquires points for the kill, and you fall face first onto the ground like you normally would if you were killed. Also, the "final stand" does not make you invincible for a few seconds but actually kills your player in a way, however your current streak is maintained. You may be sent into this last stand only are not killed by a direct head shot or knifed, you may survive if you  receive extreme damage from a killstreak such as a KEM, Nuke, or AC-130 or various other explosives, and a non headshot death will put you into this final stand also.

please send some feedback if this is overpowered or not usefull, i have some more ideas relating to killstreaks or perks that could be added to call of duty.

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you have your ideas and respect that, but about the maps, that's your opinion (and maybe some others too) but to me, couldn't disagree more! there are also more than enough people that like to have large maps and also more than just a few routes to move!

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