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Now this has probably been asked before, but what sensitivity do you all play on? Do you think it makes you play better if you play on max or at least near max sensitivity? And do any of you use kontrol freeks or other grip devices to help you play?

EDIT: I would like to also know about the other COD games too (BO1 & 2, MW3)

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I play on default which is 5, i rarely fun in hectic cqc that I need to move my avatar super fast.

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4 or 5 here. I find speed important, but accuracy much more so. At higher sensitivities I become a spray and pray shooter.

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I find that I'm most comfortable at 6, it's about the equivalent to the "High" setting on COD4 and MW2. I've tried to adapt to playing on very high sensitivity (like 15+) and I find that it just throws off my aim too much for it to be effective.

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I play on 17 sensitivity. Aiming is never a problem and I don't find myself just spraying bullets, I do plenty of sniping as well and maintain a 2+ kd. It just feels comfortable being able to turn quickly and check every corner with little effort.

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Never bother to mess with mine anymore.

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PS4 I have at 7 ( default is 3 on there I believe ). Xbox one I'm on 11. Works good for me. I was on **#%insane!!** on black ops 2 on the 360. Max seems too high on this one.

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Thanks for the input guys. I only ask because I am thinking of lowering my sensitivity, I play on one or two levels back from max in nearly all games to help whip round on people shooting at me, to see how I play then. I'm having a break from ghosts and playing bo2 thaving fun golding guns I haven't already, including the combat knife which I just need 4 more bloodthirsty medals and I'm done. So any help with that are would be groovy too.

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I hate to say it because I'm not a big fan of campers/camping, but if you wait in a corner of a room you can get the bloodthirsties pretty handily. Otherwise FFA is a good way to make it happen. And make sure its core. You can recover if you get hit (not a core fan either but whatever works).

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