Call Of Duty Ghosts Should Be For Free

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 Call Of Duty ghosts should be for free on ps4 and Xbox one through ps plus and Xbox one gold membership.  Because ghosts is a old game that got released on ps4 and Xbox one in 2014, but currently there’s only about 1000 to 2000 people playing per day. I think this would be a great opportunity because modern warfare 4 or ghosts 2 will be coming out this year and I think it would be perfect timing as many people don’t play this game anymore. Say yes below if you think this should happen. 

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Great multiplayer game indeed, better than bo123. 

But not playable if u don't use hacks what seems all so not free.


I won't buy anything on consoles anymore, it's frustrating while half of players use hacks. Others don't show up after a few matches. 


Go play pubg on tablet less frustrating and it's free. U are sure u won't waste your money.

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