COD Ghosts: What Guns We Have Confirmed (So Far)

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COD Ghosts: What Guns We Have Confirmed (So Far)

Many of you know most of these guns from a Chaosxsilencer video or ali-a or .  but for everybody who has not seen a video or gone to the website here is a list of all of the guns that have been confirmed to appear in call of duty ghosts. (I am getting all of this information from and for pictures of the guns and proof that they will appear in the game CLICK HERE)  *ASSAULT RIFLES*  --  AK-12  --{Gas operated, made to replace the AK-74m And AK-100 Series, Seletive fire,High Reliability and simplicity}--  ARX160  --{Part of future soldier program, has highest fire rate of all assault rifles, increased accuracy for first three bullets of each burst}--  FAD  --{Bullpup design, uses NATO 5.56x45mm. Cartridge,Low recoil}--  HONEY BADGER  --{Integrated Silencer, used to replace the MP5}--  MSBS  --{3 round burst,  high damage, can be put into aoutomatic fire mode but reduces damage}--  R5RGP  --{Fully Auto, High damage output}--  SA-805  --{fully Auto, high accuracy}--  SC-2010  ---{fully auto, low recoil}--  

*SUB MACHINE GUNS*  --  BIZON  --{Select fire 9mm smg, helical fed magazine, PP90M1 from MW3}--  CBJ-MS  --{UZI style weapon, high fire rate}--  K7  --{Built in silencer, 9mm cartridge}--  MTAR-X  --{bull pup design, long range weapon}--  VECTOR  CRB  --{fully auto, highest damage in SMG class}--  VEPR  --{bullpup design, AK-74 like gun}--  *LIGHT MACHINE GUNS*  --  AMELI  --  CHAIN SAW  --{hip fire only LMG, belt fed}--  LSAT  --{low recoil, box fed}--  M27 IAR  --{Lightweight, high damage and accuracy}--  *MARKSMAN RIFLES*  --  IA-2  --{FAL like design, high damage)--  MK14  --{Highest damage per round in its class}--  MR-28  --{highest fire rate in its class, lowest recoil and range}--  SVU  --{Long range, low recoil}--  *SNIPER RIFLES*  --  L115  --{Bolt action, light weight}--  LYNX  --{bullpup design, high damage and accuracy}--  USR  --{Bolt action, deadly from waist up}--  VKS  --{Bullpup design, built in suppresser}--  *SHOTGUNS*  --  MAUL  --{semi auto, can be used alone or as an under barrel}--  MTS255  --{Double barrel, 5 round revolving cylinder shotgun}--  *HANDGUNS*  --  44. MAGNUM  --{six round revolving chamber, High damage}--  M9A1  --{updated M9, high accuracy}--  MP-443  --{low recoil, highest fire rate in its class}--  P226  --{High accuracy, highest magazine capacity in its class}--  *LAUNCHERS*  --  PANZERFAUST  --{Free fire, shoulder mounted}--  KASKET  --{Grenade Launcher, rounds explode on impact}--  MK32  --{6 round revolving grenade launcher}--  *SPECIALS*  --  RIOT SHIELD  --{bullet proof plastic shield}

well there you go, a full list of all of the confirmed guns in call of duty ghosts. once again i obtained all of this information from so click HERE if you want to check out the website and look at pictures of the guns.  I hope this helped people who are as excited as i am about call of duty ghosts and if anybody would like to discuss anything about the game just send me a PM or reply to this article.


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