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I'm still playing Ghosts Hardcore Domination but recently a player is joining Lobby's and totally destroying the opposite side he and we know is a he is definitely cheating with some sort of Hack. I've reported many and now players are leaving games as soon as he joins. How do we get someone in the Powers to be to get him checked out as it is obvious that he is CHEATING. 

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Are you a older COD Ghost player looking for a group to hang with?  Like playing for fun but do not have the best skills? Sick of modded lobbies or always feeling like a moving target just for some one else's target practice or amusement? Well check this out:


We are a small group of  players all 30 years old and older that are looking for others in this age group to play some private matches of Ghost. We are are on the East and Central time zones.   We are all average players at best, most of us have a k/d well under 1 and do not care. We are just looking to add some more people with similar skill sets to add to the competition. Trying to get the group up to 10 to 12 + guys to play full matches. Some of us Rush some of us Camp some of us roam around like chickens with there heads cut off...But....We all try, and we all die..... a lot. But the biggest thing we all do is have a good time and laugh a lot. PLEASE NO PUB STOMPING  We are just out to have some fun.


So if you are in this age group or close to it, don't have a big ego, do not have a great skill set and  sick of being a target or getting in a modded lobbies and still want to play Ghost contact me DLAK1150 on X Box one and send me a message.

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I play on the computer.  I am interested in joining your group.  Send me an email with instructions if you will allow me to join.

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Interested in joining... contact me.

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add me SirTrinkinstien
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