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But it's given me an additional 7-8k kills, and I have no way killed that many in Chaos. I have played a maximum of 10 games total, with under 100 kills per game. Which is no more than 1,000 kills total in Chaos.

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fair enough I never double checked i couldnt be bothered to do the math lol iv got quite a few chaos kills just assumed the extras were from that...

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Mine wasn't fixed i have 75,000 kills but on lobby stats i have like 18,000 lol just a small matter of 57,000 out

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In Ghost PC updates - section, a brief summary is there for your convenience which happened a couple of days ago now, As well as PS4 & XBONE sections - have all had an update with the gamertag & class.

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do you even bother to check another thread or the support forum? or do you just like to start meaningless new threads?

Yay for Game Update! (PS3)


Ghosts Title Update and Hot Fix Notes (7/1/14)

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I dunno, but no harm having two threads of the same thing, he'll just get the complaints and gets told theres another somepoint

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