Call Of Duty Ghosts #ExtinctionDay #CGN Friday The 13th

Ghosts Extinction


Call Of Duty Ghosts #ExtinctionDay #CGN Friday The...

Join the EU #CGN on Friday the 13th #ExtinctionDay

Help us fight the aliens after the exclusive Live IGN broadcast from Infinity Ward

Here is the schedule of the day’s events:

o   8:00-9:30am PST: France Community Livestream

o   9:30-11:00am PST: Germany Community Livestream

o   10:00am PST: Extinction Double XP | All platforms worldwide

o   11:00am-12:30pm PST: UK Community Livestream

o   12:30pm PST: IGN LIVE from Infinity Ward Broadcast

Source Extinction Day Is Coming Friday the 13th!

For XboxOne Lobby: Message

"DFlannagan10" David (FlannaganTW) on Twitter

"Gawghels" Declan (I_am_Goggles) on Twitter

For Xbox360 Lobby: Message

"Grim Reaper JC" Grim Reaper (GrimReaperBAN) on Twitter

"Pollydolly1" polly (pollydollyNo1) on Twitter

Be sure to keep up to date with both the Community T . G . I . F (CoDCGN) on Twitter and Infinity Ward (InfinityWard) on Twitter Twitter for more information!

Be sure also to Check out our New Facebook  page Call of Duty: #CGN | Facebook !

Are you ready to take on the Aliens?

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