look no further join [12un] [[Ps3]]

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Hello world this is the General coming at you with a opportunity for a guarantee gold clan. I am looking to recruit some dedicated Cod members to imbark in a journey of our takeover. these are the first steps in getting this clan started but I can guarantee yu one thing's winning will be a major part of our clan. The name of the clan is El chopos goons and our clan tag is a sweet [12un] which if you look closely it says run. The exact reaction I want from anyone who plays us. I take major pride in this clan so I do ask if you want to apply please have the call of duty app. With this app I am going to relay all important info. I am what yu can say a hardcore gamer so I will be online 99 percent of the time so no worries there. Motto is simple straight forward and I feel somes up the game play style we should have "UNITED WE STAND STRONG". Meaning teamwork outgoing personality and mics are a major requirement, but not mandatory but what yu lack in communication you will have to make up with kills. I was a 3.2 k/d but in an effort to get the special gullie suit sniping all the time it went down kinda steep but it is jumping back up ultra fast.

I am not a sniper I am all run and gun.


Mics needed

Cod ghost app

a general love for the play of call of duty

With that being said I hope to see a lot of you on the battlefield if anybody is interestedin joining this clan add me PSN:Gen_flame_logic

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