[Xbox360] [USA] Recruiting for clan W184

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

We are currently a level 7 clan with 4 members and we actively participate in clan wars. We are a small group of average players that would like to have more recruits. So if you are looking for a team that doesn't judge you for your K/D and plays to have fun and enjoy the game, we would be a great choice for you. We only ask that if you choose to join our clan that you be respectful while playing or chatting online. We will gladly accept all styles of play. If you are a player that only plays a certain game type, that is ok. You would be just as valuable as any other. If you are a player that only likes to use handguns for example, that is ok as well. Enjoy your style of play and your favorite game types without worries.

     In case you were wondering what W184 means, we named it after the element Tungsten. Tungsten is a scratch resistant strong and pretty much indestructible element. On the periodic table that element's symbol is W and the 184 is the isotope in Tungsten. So our motto became "Unbreakable"

     If you are interested in joining our clan, contact our Commander. His gamertag is:  E3390

Please type out a message rather than give one in voice and send him a friend request as well.

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