[UK] [21+] [XB1] ~ [Platinum/Diamond Division] recruiting active adults for competitive fun.

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[UK] [21+] [XB1] ~ [Platinum/Diamond Division] rec...

"Recruiting adults for competitive fun..." sounds like an advert for a dogging site, but NO in fact we play CoD Ghosts

ABOUT US : We started 17th Gurkha Clan in 2011 as a tribute to the British soldiers who served under the 17th Gurkha Division in the Malaysian Emergency post WWII. I'm over the 40 hill, slightly silver, reasonably pot bellied, a fan of carlsberg, breasts, chips & gravy and I'm a pretty dedicated gamer, (going way way back to the good'ole days of Pong) I'm currently ranked No.1 on my street but at the bottom of our clan Kill/Death leaderboard and whilst I like nothing more than a really good battle, competitive but fair & honest good fun mean more, especially when you mix it with carlsberg, breasts, chips & gravy AND a bunch of cool virtual mates.

The 17th Gurkha average age is around the late 20s and therefore suits more mature gamers (ideally 21+), please don't apply if your younger, it's not because we don't like you it's because many of the clan have kids and this is their release, a chance to chillax (I think you call it), and have a laugh with the troop while getting jiggy with the enemy.

MW3 was a real blast, we built the clan to in excess of 30 quality members, achieving level 50, gaming every weekend ~ then BO2 soon put a stop to that! ~ so I put 17th Gurkha in a cryo-chamber until Ghosts dropped (which for Essex was Nov 5th or bonfire night ~ I'm only kidding)

We game 'for fun' & the camaraderie, it's a good laugh (when done right) and although we are competitive & very active this is not a profession! There's no test of skill, blood test, urine test or entry criteria other than obvious mutual respect & a working headset. You don't need to game every day/week but you will get more out of it, the more you put in (actress + bishop)

It's likely we will enter the Diamond Division in Feb (as we already qualify), so members will be required to game during the declared Diamond Wars (times to be confirmed). All our communication is done via fB and we have a public page together with a private group. Many of our day to day decisions are democratic and I run votes for members to decide on how we steer ourselves keeping within the core clan rules I set out from day one. In other words, you have your say & even the opportunity to lead the clan into battle!

We have a wide range of skills and abilities, so you won't be our worst player and it's unlikely you'll be our best either that's me on a really really really good day it's not really but hey! I try

Bottom Line _

If you want to make the most of Ghosts on the Xbox One & join us, visit our fB page and let me know via a message. Search "17th Gurkha Clan" (confirm age + location + gamertag).

Our clan rules are based on common sense, mutual respect & what's best for our community (characteristics a few ex-members sadly lacked)


  • 21+
  • UK only
  • Xbox One only
  • New members join on a loose-probationary period
  • All members read & practice our core clan rules & regs

  • Current Ghosts clan level 17
  • 3x Platinum Division wins
  • Roster >12 good strong men
  • Clan >52% game wins  >1:25 KillSmiley Very Happyeath

...now let's see what your made of soldier

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Re: [UK] [21+] [XB1] ~ [Platinum/Diamond Division]...

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Hi, myself and a friend I have been playing with recently may be interested in joining if you are still looking for players. We are currently in a clan but there are only 2 of us in the UK which is a bit rubbish so looking for an active UK clan. We are not super players with a huge K/D but enjoy some good competitive fun with people who communicate and can have a laugh.

We play most evenings and prefer hardcore game modes. I am usually on any time from 6pm-11pm most evenings and a fair bit at weekends when not working.

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