Storm Chaserz Accepting New members 360

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

We are looking for new members to join a no string attached clan. All we ask is respect each other and staff, if there is a problem please address those in charge first to see if staff can fix it. Rule are on the website which is new and a WIP to better serve you. If you got knowledge of website or like to help out and are trusting and honest, we would like to have you part of the team.

Any questions please ask, ign KcChiefs4LIFE25 and in game now if you would like to be recruited. KD ratio not an issue here as some are better than others and that is fine, but we are all a team of one and helping out someone become better is what its about. More exciting things to come and posted on the website at . Site is new and I am working on it so leave me a message in the shout box or register to become a member.

Thanks for your time in reading. Talk to ya soon


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Storm Chaserz Clan Accepting New Members

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