[PS3] [US-western preferred] Hi Class Killers

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

Hey looking for clan members. I have one so far, me, myself, and I. I am a player who believes strongly in the power of a team that practices, and uses true tactics rather than simply vesting their trust in one or two beast players in order to win. Please apply if you have a low K/D, actually enjoy the game not just the winning, and most importantly if you believe in winning and losing with tact.

Clan Rules:

              1) Everyone has there own tactics, if we are an effective team, campers nor noob-tubers, or anything in between should be an issue.

              2)Don't gloat in lobbies, every player has their good days and bad days, and more importantly good maps/game types and bad maps/game types. Don't embarass the clan by gloating and then ending up in one of your bad maps/game types or days.

              3)When playing in scheduled matches or with other clan members: Keep proper clan tag in place for ease of communication; Wear a headset, effective team work requires communication; Play for the clans success not your own, if you can take a shot and save a team mate or grudge stomp a guy who was talking trash, make the right decision.

              4)Have fun, this is a game, if you can't shake off a loss and get back in the winning mind set then you probably won't mesh with the clan I'm building.

My PSN ID is: DrewBLive380

Clan name is: HiClassKillers

My goal is to gain members and begin working on tactics and team building. If you are interested apply. I won't refuse based on K/D, level, or hours played. I'm away often for work, so I am only active once in a while for a large number of hours. I will be fielding from earliest applicants for parallel leadership to help the clan succeed when I am not available to play. Hit it up and keep the death dealing classy.

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