New Recruit PS4 - In search of competitive clan.

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So we don't waste each others time, I am looking for a competitive clan of cool individuals who enjoy winning. It would be preferable if members had functioning and clear headsets for communication during the game. I believe strategic communication and teamwork make all the difference in COD: Ghost. The last COD I played before Ghost was MW3. Now that I have finished grad school I have more time to play. I'm 25 years old and yes, Austin is my real name.

My Stats:

K/D Ratio: 1.55 and steadily improving.

W/L Percentage: 55% (would be dramatically better inside a clan)

HRS Played 66.4

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you found yourself  a clan? We are always looking for new members. Level 11 clan that play regular. AVFC_Pete1990 on psn if your interested

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