Looking for 4v4 based clan

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Looking for 4v4 based clan

Looking for a 4v4 competitive based clan that plays Gbs, CvC, Scrims, ect. Im 10th prestige, have a 1.5 kd and am regularly on after 4 pm (due to work). I run an aggressive smg, i'm a slayer (but also play the obj )and experienced when it comes to 4s (i know callouts, strats and spawns). Honestly, im currently in a pub clan that ive tried to turn into more 4v4 focused clan which hasn't worked out and am looking for some people to grind out some 4v4s and Gbs with. 2 others are also leaving the clan that are 10th prestige and have above a 1.4kd and are looking for the same thing. One is a solid Ar and the other is a good support slayer (filling in where hes needed, can run both ar and smg + play the obj). Hmu on here or on xbl if your interested.

gamertags are Chuck Is Clutch (me)



also, we are not squeekers

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Re: Looking for 4v4 based clan

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Hey you guys would probably be interested in joining my clan. We used to be a clan war focused clan but after getting our body count & war cry we have switched our focus to GBs and competitive in general. We have many members that are always willing to play gb matches. Our clan k/d is 1.85 with 30 members and all of our members are over 16 years old (most of them over 18 years old). If you guys are interested or need some more details about us, check out my clan's recruitment thread [360 & One][US] HNG - Lvl 25 Competitive Diamond Clan With Website Recruiting for MLG GameBattle...


- Tiberium

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Re: Looking for 4v4 based clan

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Can I plz join your clan thx

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Re: Looking for 4v4 based clan

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Look at my post I'll bump it for lmk if interested

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