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[360] [US/EU] Fearless Under Fire, LLC - Level 25+ - Recruiting 1.5+ K/D players


Fearless Under Fire (FUF) is currently recruiting active 1.5+ K/D players. We are interested in recruiting skilled casual and competitive players. For the competitive player, our footprint within the COD competitive community is increasing rapidly. Players interested in becoming more involved in GameBattles and online tournaments will find plenty of opportunity in FUF. For the casual player, if you’re tired of playing solo, your current clan doesn’t match your skill level, or are just looking for some people to hangout with on Ghosts, then FUF might be exactly what you need.

About Fearless Under Fire:

FUF is a Ghosts clan located exclusively on the Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE that emphasizes fun, competition, and maturity. We are composed of a diverse group of individuals from many different backgrounds and geographic regions. Created in 2011, FUF has grown dramatically since its inception, amassing dozens of loyal and highly-skilled Call of Duty players. We are supportive and dedicated to one another. Many of our members would consider FUF their extended family. Our relationships with each other form the core of FUF. We are actively involved in Clan Wars, Game Battles, and pub-stomping, which all members are both welcome and encouraged to participate in.

FUF also has a competitive team (@TeamFUF) that competes at the highest level. Recent placings include 13th at UMG Dallas, 9th at UMG Atlanta, and 17 at MLG Anaheim. Supporting our competitive are some incredible sponsors, including Honey Badger (@HoneyBadgerES), Squid Grip (@SquidGrip), and Condemned Customs (@CondemnedCustom).


1.5+ K/D -- FUF's average K/D is 1.91

18+ years old

Play on Xbox 360 (eventually transitioning to the Xbox One, many members have both the 360 and One)

Be active

Always demonstrate maturity

Must have a mic and actively communicate (i.e. callouts)

Highlights of membership:

70+ active members

Ghosts clan level 25+ -- RED clan tag

Clan Wars -- PLATINUM -- 4 wins -- members have all 4 Body Count unlocks!

Website with active forums and chat

Competitive/MLG team

GameBattles teams

Intra-clan contests


Leadership opportunities available to members demonstrating exceptional dedication

Something for everyone (both casual and competitive players will find plenty of opportunities for fun and competition in FUF)

TO APPLY:  Please visit and click ‘Apply’



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