Clan recruiting, Ghosts PS4! (Experienced Leader)

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

Hi, my name is michael or Lanky_Fat_Ninja i am a experienced clan leader and i am a big youtuber.

I have started a brand new clan for ghosts for ps4

It is a fun clan Klue Klux Clan and the Clan tag is KKK (Very Classic!)

I am looking for dedicated members who want to have a good time and play competitively

I am accepting anyone at the moment so any one can join!

I have been a clan leader for the past 5 years and have been big clan leaders of some big clans for Mw2, mw3, black ops and black ops 2. So as you can tell i have experience in leading and call of duty. 

So if your interested all you have to do is add me and message me on PSN my name is Lanky_Fat_Ninja. which from there i will send you a invite to the clan using the in game function.

Thank you all and i hope to see you join me

Michael sackree


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Yo, I'm renagade_sounds (ps4). Am clan leader of KAO$ ELITE and have been for many years, I was 5th in the world at team death on mw3 and got to 22 on ghosts before the ps3 - ps4 switch. We are currently clan level 13 with the gold KAOS tag and I was wondering if you would be interested in a merger? Could do with more solid players after a recent cull of inactive ones! We are in the platinum league, clan kd of 1.9 but there is only 10 of us. Let me know your thoughts.

Phil (renagade_sounds)

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