(360) Building a Team for objective modes

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I'm looking for like minded players to start a team for Objective based game modes and tactical TDM play. I am currently in a clan with several friends (from real life) so I dont plan on leaving, but they are mostly casual TDM players and not that interested in this project. I dont need the highest KD, or best stats. My KD is not that high, sometimes I get on and dont care when i play and sometimes I get on and go 4 and 20 on Blitz with 12 of the 16 points. I dont care about my personal stats if I get a win at the end. My only requirements are that you are active, mature, can work as a team and take orders if you're not in charge, and that you are willing to work at building a team, (practice, strategies, etc) joining my clan is not a requirement to start with but is highly encouraged. Looking for players both experienced and not. Message me on xbox live XxSPOOKx0UTxX.

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