Diamond division CP questions

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Diamond division CP questions

Whats up all just got into diamond division and i was wondering how cp's and nodes work, i seen that a fake clan "federation" holds all nodes at start so im guessing you have to knock them off then your able to cap it, but it also looks like it boosts the co from it being held, being domination is only 8 wins for 44 cp points, my questions are.

1. The second you cap it (lets say dom) would i be awarded the 44 cps right away?

2. If you hold a node and dont lose it after it ended for that day, do you receive any kind of bonus?

3. When your time zone starts the next day do you still control the nodes you had from day before? And are they worth anymore on second or thrid day?

and last 4. is it worth defending nodes do you gain points throughout the day while holding them?

thank you!!

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Re: Diamond division CP questions

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1.) Yes

2.) Yes you would get another 44 cps

3.) Yes you would control what you held over; the value each new day will reset to its starting value the 1st day

4.) Defense sometimes is very important so you hold stuff overnight but you don't gain any extra points throughout the day so you don't necessarily want to focus too much on defense. Overall there is no simple answer to this question but involves complex strategy based on who you are competing against in your own clan war vs. who you are trying to pass on the leaderboard, etc.

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Re: Diamond division CP questions

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TThis should help out some Diamond Division Clan Wars Special Rules

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