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destiny 2 forsaken semi-charged awoken talisman

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This quest ruined this game. I have wasted way too much time (about an hour) on a quest that just has you sit around waiting for the right public event to happen (4 public events later and it still hasn't spawned). I am now uninstalling and regret paying money for this game.This would be annoying as a side quest but the fact that it is a part of the main quest line is just poor design. I would highly advise that you change this quest. Ether an event trigger that when someone is in the area only the quest public event spawns or make it so any publec event works or something that doesn't just have you standing around waiting for a random spawn that seems to almost never happen. I can't stress enough how agravated and let down I am by encountering something this bad from a product from an AAA game developer.

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