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Worst Company E V E R.

General Discussion


Literally the worst support ever. i wasted money on this game. CANT EVEN PLAY IT.  was working like a charm without ANY *****ING LAG. after the new update blackout worked on 40fps no matter the settings.and now after a week + not even the multiplayer and zombies work,trash optimization,worthless support didint even try to help me. i got brushed off like a retard and they said go to blizzard about this. and blizzard doesnt help around bo4 because they have nothing to do with the oprimization or gameplay in the game. literally you robed me 60$ . atleast if you put a price of 60$ make it work. or try to help me. i didnt steal the game i both it. im off to Battlefield V. Cya Nerds. Atleast it *****ing works on max settings above 80+fps without any problems. 

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Registered: ‎20-12-2018
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