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Unlinking accounts from your activision account

General Discussion

So my PSN account has been linked to another activision account, and my main activision account has my account and twitch account linked to it + another psn account which i do not use (another family member's account). Is there a way to unlink ps4 accounts from your activision account so that i can use cross-progression for Modern Warfare and other games where i can use cross progression? i have already bought two copies of the game and im a little bit mad because i have to start all over again if i want to play the game. (i am unable to use pc atm so i bought a ps4 copy, but i cant unlink my account and link them correctly). I know alot of other people have the same issue and i dont understand why this cant be fixed.



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I'm having the same issue with unlinking anything from Activision.
I have my old xbox-gamertag linked to my current Activision account.
My current xbox-gamertag is linked to my old Activision account.  

When I click UNLINK on any account under Linked Accounts for either activision login, it says "unlinking is unavailable for this platform.  Contact Activision support."

I really need this to be able to play with my friends.

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