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The game is great but is not enouch pls read activision

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Firts i must say i am fan about call of duty more than 10 years.My firts call is was Call of Duty 2

October 25, 2005 and is was awesome.After that i stat mw2 and mw3 i never forget SPECIALY the MW3 IS WAS THE BEST COD even now but he die cuz a lot of cheater kill the game!!!! After mw3 you start your lost your mind i forget to say i have more than 2000 hours on MW3.Now finally after MW3 November 8, 2011 is was about 8 years your finally make a good game almost like the olds warfares mw2 mw3(i dont want to speak about other cods for me is was just bad games after mw3 is was a bad moves.!!!!And i am not the only one to love old mw3.!!!Like the title say is great but you need to make it better we need mode 2vs2 3vs3 like old one mw3 ofc with diference maps and people like mode 2vs2 3vs3 cuz the maps is was great not very small not very big .2-vs-2 Gunfight mode is goodi but is not enough...!! The game need this mode like old one mw3 exactly like the old one diference maps with domination search destroy and team death mach ofc with custom class..!!That's it for me.!The people gonna love it better if you make it this change.!!!

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Registered: ‎19-04-2017
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