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How do I unlink an old xbox gamertag with Activision?

General Discussion

I've clicked "unlink" under the account linking page and a message prompts that says "unlinking is not available for this platform. For help, contact our support here" And when I click "here" it says no one is available at this time. Does anyone have any idea how to unlink an old gamertag?

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I'm having the same issue with unlinking anything from Activision.
I have my old xbox-gamertag linked to my current Activision account.
My current xbox-gamertag is linked to my old Activision account.  

When I click UNLINK on any account under Linked Accounts for either activision login, it says "unlinking is unavailable for this platform.  Contact Activision support."

I really need this to be able to play with my friends.


I've also sent a message via twitter and they haven't replied.

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Are there any updates on a resolution for this issue? I'm finding all of the same issues as far as the accounts as well as their inability to reply and help the matter at hand. Thank you! 

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