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Conflict with Disc Emulator Software detected

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Conflict with Disc Emulator Software detected

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Registered: ‎29-08-2013

I have tried many emulators.
If you are looking for a good software that works for you.
You might consider this.

Here you will find many of the best emulators listed.

Hope it helps you.



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Registered: ‎30-10-2018

I do use it (dtools, alcohol) but when I try to run the game, everything is off. Running programs are all system programs. I really turned all running programms off (and I mean ALL running programms) but still nothing.

I had to take a 'fixed' game file from the net (shame, shame) to actually play a game I spend â"š¬50,- on.... I'd really like them to fix this faillure, because this is NOT the way it is suppost to be..

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Registered: ‎19-11-2018
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