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Blur Remaster? Blur 2?

General Discussion

Maybe it's a little utopian, maybe nostalgia is speaking ...

Remember, that racing game, that Mario kart with real cars game!

I know that there are no Bizarre Creations anymore... But maybe Activision can continue that awesome bizarre creation.

Just to know, if there is a remaster of Blur, is it just me or a lot of people will get it? If yes, make some noise !

Or why not, a Blur 2, with new cars, new circuits, new weapons... or the possibility to mix the weapons (example:

Mine + Shunt = Shunt with a trail of baby mines behind

Boost + Bolt = give us a little "push" when hit a opponent)

Why not !


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Registered: ‎22-12-2013

bro, I am so sorry that this failed so epically, but I understand your pain. I want a blur 2 as well, and about your combo idea, I'm gonna have to say... they're prolly not gonna fly. but still, blur 2 would be awesome... especially if there was like manual control and what not.

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Registered: ‎31-07-2018
Just give us blur 2 please
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Registered: ‎17-12-2018
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