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Activision Ignoring Support Requests

General Discussion


I am having issues deactivating and even unlinking call of duty profiles from 2 different accounts. I am trying to make sure all my call of duty info is under the same psn account, so I haven't played Modern Warfare in fear that I may lose any progress made once the profile is unlinked. I have been trying to get help from Activision for 2 weeks now and they have not responded to any of my open tickets or facebook messages. Going into the "live support" gives me the same window stating that there are "more than 50 chats ahead of me" regardless of the time I try to get help or how long I leave the window open, which makes me think that it is not even being monitored.

It seems like a typical case of "we have your money now, so we don't care"

I am really dissapointed on the lack of support that a multi-million dollar company has for a game that is only a couple of weeks old.

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