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Account recovery

General Discussion

Ok, i tried logging in on activision. Didn't work. The website gives me the option to logg in through steam, didnt work. Through blizzard..... didn't work. It then always gives me the same form where i have to create an account. I enter my e-mail and i want to submit it then its saying my account already exists. Ok good, so i have to recover my account.


I went ahead trying to recover my account which is apperently registered to activision. I know the e-mail cause i tried to make a new account which then the website comes with the fun and intelligent question that it already exists. I expect to receive an e-mail with my account recovery but the stubborn website refuses to send me one. I have been searching for an e-mail adress or something that i can put this in but nothing found so far. I checked my spam folder, other folders, deleted folder (every folder). no luck...... what does one do to create an account and actually find a chat/e-mail/ support page like any other company.

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Registered: ‎04-02-2019
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