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For everyone complaining about GHTV




This is posted on their main website not to mention that they have made this notice at the end of summer to end GHTV, as much as we want it back and want to complain theres not much anyone can do

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VI PREGO FACCIAMO DI TUTTO PER FARLO TORNARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fu Atcivision!

That was my most favorite game!

Thats why i bougth xbox!

Roast in H!!

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At the bottom of the ghtv Activision notice it states 2018, I bought the game in 2017 and there was no such information about shutting ghtv down, I have purchased a lot of gear which I no longer use. What a waste of money!! I want my cash back!!!!######

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Worst part is that the servers are still up. you just can't get onto them.


Unless anyone can ever get passed the killswitch then no one will be logging into GHTV again, but if someone was too all there progress and the channels would still be playing.


But now the channels are just looping the same show blocks everyday now.

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