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The FreeStyle Family - Meet Mike!

Mike has been an Audio Designer here at FreeStyleGames for 7 years!
By FreeStyleArt on January 5, 2016
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So, after the great chat we had with Jim last time out (, we started digging around the HQ, gathering as many stories as possible from our creative team!  The first person on our list, who we had to physically detach from his guitar, was Mike!

Mike has been an Audio Designer here at FreeStyleGames for 7 years!

Hey Mike! So, what made you choose Audio Designing as a career path?

It's allowed me to be creative every day - it's so diverse! I really like the fact that I pretty much get to be a musician at work.

You've been here for a good length of time; you must have got to do some pretty cool things?

I was in charge of figuring out all the instruments the bands were going to use on the shoots - I basically got told “you're going to design these stages- go shopping!”... and that I did!

That's amazing! That must be why you love working at FreeStyleGames so much...

Yeah! Although my favourite thing about working here is probably that there's such a family feel... it's the first games company I've ever worked at so I'm really close to everyone I work with.

So, working as an Audio Designer must mean you're pretty good at playing an instrument or two?

I have a Piano degree!  But I also play drums, guitar, bass and I sing.

Wow! So lets talk music... what's your favourite song on Guitar Hero Live?

I love to play along to the Marmozets, they've got some really cool rhythms!  It's pretty much my favourite song to play with my own instruments now too.

Who's your favourite band?

Easy!  Tool, Foo Fighters and Metallica!  The best gig I ever went to was a Metallica gig at Earls Court - the support band had a drum battle and it was insane.

Do you have a favourite feature on Guitar Hero Live?

GHTV is badass!  I've had the chance to demo some really cool stuff for this game, I literally worked on it from start to finish which was awesome.

Have you had any claims to fame in that time?

I'm actually in one of the live videos for GH Live - you'll catch me rocking out to the Wolfmother track when the camera turns around. 

That's pretty cool! What hobbies do you have outside of work?

I love making music, I love Warhammer and I love cooking - I used to be a chef!

What would you love to happen for Guitar Hero Live in 2016?

I'd love to see some big bands have some involvement in the game - especially Foo Fighters - and get some bespoke content from the artists.

Sounds awesome.  Last question - if you had the chance to hang out with any rock star, who would you choose?

It's gotta be Dave Grohl!

Thanks Mike! 


Don't forget to check back soon to see which member of the team we've been chatting to!

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