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Happy New Year. Happy January Updates.

Title Updates that build upon the GHTV experience
By FreeStyleArt on January 4, 2016
Level 1

Happy holidays, everyone!

Since launch, the team have been working hard on new content and game updates, so we wanted to let you know what that included recently. You will have seen our first Title Update during December which will be followed by some additional fixes due in January. Over the course of this year you will also see some new features being released in further Title Updates that build upon the GHTV experience so stay tuned for more info on that.

If you follow us on Twitter you will have seen some of this info on what will come in the next set of Hotfixes. Here’s a catch up on what is arriving through January:

  • The level 20 achievement "Toppest of Top Drawer" not unlocking is now fixed
  • "Congratulations on Levelling up" message appearing multiple times is now fixed
  • Hero Cash Store displaying “the service is currently unavailable” message is now fixed
  • Highway equipped messaging error is now fixed
  • X360 cache problem is now fixed
  • Rival System fixes to matchmaking, results and UI issues are in progress

Content Updates occur weekly with new Premium Shows going live, new songs being added to the catalogue and new songs entering the schedule. We also have new player cards and highways releasing with exclusives that can be won from shows.

And just for playing, everyone has received a holiday themed gift from the FSG Team. We hope you like them! If you haven’t equipped them already, simply go to your profile and find them in your highways list.

Until our next update, Happy New Year!

Team FSG

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