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Fall Out Boy

Live at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2015
By FreeStyleArt on January 20, 2016
Level 1

Greetings Rockstars.

With 2016 now underway, it’s about time we uphold our New Year’s resolution: to keep our studio blog updated on a more regular basis. It’s really important to us that we keep you as informed as possible on everything going on in Guitar Hero Live – the new music coming to GHTV, patches and fixes coming in to the game and then maybe some other studio shenanigans we’d like to share with you.

This week, we’re excited to introduce yet another new live playable show from a concert we captured just a short while ago: Fall Out Boy Live at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2015. Their show from KROQ’s annual holiday music festival was awesome: they played some great songs, both new and classic, and this week we’re very happy to have playable three songs from their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho. We’re huge fans of Fall Out Boy, so to be able to film their live performance and have it playable in GHTV is a proud moment for us.

Fall Out Boy 3.jpg

Since you guys love your weekly dose of metal, we’re keeping the AAA Metal Premium Show in the game, with songs from Marilyn Manson, Bring Me the Horizon and Pierce the Veil. We’re also introducing new pop tracks via the Pop Power! Premium Show, including music from 5 Seconds of Summer, Sky Ferreira and Sheppard. Here’s a more complete list of these latest tracks now playable in GHTV:

Fall Out Boy Live from KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2015

  • Fall Out Boy – Irresistible (Live)
  • Fall Out Boy – Centuries (Live)
  • Fall Out Boy – Uma Thurman (Live)

AAA Metal

  • Marilyn Manson – Deep Six
  • Bring Me The Horizon – Drown
  • Pierce The Veil – Bulls in The Bronx

Pop Power!

  • 5 Seconds of Summer – She Looks so Perfect
  • Sheppard – Geronimo
  • Sky Ferreira – You’re Not the One

And as a reminder, these songs will start as premium shows, and then after a week they go into the on-demand library, and then a week after that they go into the regular channel programming!

That’s all we have for this week. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates about Guitar Hero Live!

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