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compatible issue with amazon kindle fire hd8

Downton Abbey

Hello! I really like the game (but only on an Android phone...) Please, please, make it compatible with the Amazon Fire HD8. I just got the new tablet for Christmas, and would like to play on my tablet, but got an Error Message saying it was not compatible with my device (Fire HD8).  Please put out a download bug fix. Also I can't "exit" the game from the main screen. There is no "end game" exit button found...

Manuvering around the Mansion was also very difficult. Love the game, want to play more, and PAID for the app!!

Really disappointed that I can't use it on the Fire HD8.

Will you issue a fix or compatible link soon??

Thanks! And the graphics and pictures of the mansion and the Characters are GREAT!!

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Registered: ‎04-01-2016
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