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Guess I'll start something....

DJ Hero


Welp, seeing that Activision's completely shut off all DJ Hero future DLC + games, it's pretty much fallen in the path of Band Hero, it unfortunately failed to be "successful" in the eyes of Activision so they canned future itterations of said game. While DJ Hero ACTUALLY HAD A GOOD FUTURE unlike Band Hero which tried to cater to the "family" audience, it didn't quite go so well as planned.

Oh well, I (and a few other people across the world) are still trying to keep the DJ Hero community together in some way shape or form, hoping that Activision will see the potential of a future DJ Hero game...if it ever happens anyway. I'm still excited that there are events like real-life DJ Hero tournaments happening across the country/world, but...there needs to be more XP

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Registered: ‎29-07-2012
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