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Where can I find Crash Bandicoot merch%3F

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Is there any Crash Bandicoot merch? I'm not looking for just video games. What else is there? Is there plushies? Candy? Coffee mugs?

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Crash Bandicoot themed Nintendo Switch controllers at Gamestop.
And Crash & Cortex Skylanders Figurines are always good.  um... they got music... wish they decided to go with a music CD though itunes and Google Play only.  And first4figures... darn, no plushie of Crash, and no plushies of Pura and Polar, and no Coco Bandicoot action doll with a Lazer canon...


Don't forget up to 6 player wireless LAN mode on CTR for Switch 2p per console. And cross-platform online play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when playing with friends.
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Sure doesn't it depend on witch game shop you shop at,sell all sorts of different things,like there's: a shop that sells five nights a Freddie's,merchandise.honestly,Meh,I remember,when "Crash Bandicoot:N Sane Troligly.Came out,At a "GAME"store.Crash Keyring,Crash mug,Crash T-Shirt Etc.Thats when it was released.Prob would have been now I guess,Spyro: This and that.yes,it changes,More merchandise include PlayStation mug,PS T-Shirt.




There's a link below:





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