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Twinsanity Remake: the ULTIMATE proposal

Crash Bandicoot™ Forum | Activision®


Hey Team, I've created a comprehensive story and level outline for a potential Twinsanity remake that includes ALL of the originally removed content


This document compiles nearly EVERY cut Twinsanity level and cutscene and puts it into the game's storyline (concept art included), more than doubling the game's potential length should it get remade. I've also added critiques to the original cutscenes and levels to fix plotholes and lore errors. From the early concepts in Crash Bandicoot: Evolution to sections deleted in late Twinsanity beta, everything is here and in narrative order. I researched for days and collected content from Keith Webb, Paul Gardner, and BetaM.


If Vicarious Visions, Toys for Bob, Beenox, or another development team wants to create a new Twinsanity-inspired game down the road, this would be my definitive go-to source for ideas. Keep up the great work, our bandicoot is on a roll!

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