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Tag Team Racing

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Crash Tag Team Racing was one of the best games I got to play on my childhood. I was wondering if it would be remasterized just as the new crash n sane trilogy.

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Registered: ‎02-08-2018
It would be amazing to have it again.
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Wasn't it not add backwards compatibility,PS Now or buy it digitally of PS Store.Cat LOL

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With full of cheaters. Please no Smiley Very Happy 

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What about Crash Tag Team Racing 2, now with new characters, and a new LAN party mode for up to 8 players!  As well as a sinister minigame and racing tournament hosted by a revenge seeking alien racing competitor from the past. 

Gameplay would require all vehicles to permenantly bond at the beginning of each race.  Additionally karts will warp out of the racetrack back to the warp room after finishing a race.  To avoid awkward stationary cpu traffic for remaining players.  Amiibo can be used to train your computer partner in team races and improve their weapons aim and racing ability.
Amiibo exclusive characters include Spyro and Dingodile, with using a flame lobber, Sheep launchers as their primary weapons.

Don't forget up to 6 player wireless LAN mode on CTR for Switch 2p per console. And cross-platform online play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when playing with friends.
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