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Spyro DLC idea, & Crash 4:WoC DLC idea

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I think we should have the Wrath of Cortex Levels "Gold Rush" and "Knight Time" and one or two other levels as DLC levels in the new DLC Warp Room in Warped, since it currently only has one level, and there's room to add 4 more button objects on the floor that change the level's portal.


As for an entire remaster of Wrath of Cortex, I think the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL, is the only platform with a popular demand and hardware capabilities for such a game, I think it's possible the older 3DS could handle the controls if Wumpa Fruit Canon, Running Shoes, and Sneak/Tiptoe ability were toggled on and off by the lower touchscreen.The PS4 and Xbox One can instead have digital re-releases of the original PS2 classics and Xbox originals. And Toys for Bob could develop the New 3DS version, as a handheld title, while another company ports the original version to Steam.


I also think the Nintendo Switch version of these games should be compatible with Amiibo.

Scanning a Spyro Amiibo on the Joycon Controller, can unlock a special level where Crash Rides Spyro, just as in the Bear It, Hog Wild, and the Pura the Tiger riding levels. The Next Spyro game should also be a Crash, Spyro Crossover, and this level could be based on a riding level from that game.


Crash & Coco Amiibo should be allowed to store TIme Trial data for the characters. Scanning a random Amiibo will allow Crash to recieve a random number of Extra lives, an Aku Aku mask, or even allow Crash to enter a level with Invincibility (canceled upon collection of a clock item) Scanning a Crash Bandicoot Amiibo may allow Crash to gain his Running Ability sooner, and Scanning a Coco Amiibo may allow Coco to play the N. Tropy Boss fight level with a time limit, unlocking a final Time Twister Machine vortex cutscene where N. Tropy says he'll return with a more powerful ally. (N-Tranced, his henchman from the Gameboy games)


Also a Crunch Bandicoot Amiibo could most definitely be used to unlock a weapon that looks like the Wumpa Bazooka in Call of Duty. While the Spyro Amiibo unlocks a purple flamethrower. And a Call of Duty Amiibo can be used to unlock your player to a higher level instead of providing limmited time offer pay codes.

Don't forget up to 6 player wireless LAN mode on CTR for Switch 2p per console. And cross-platform online play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when playing with friends.
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