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Sewer Speedway Ctr Nitro

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Attention Developers of CTR Nitro Fueled:


PLEASE re-develop the Sewer Speedway track.


The issue:   

In the original game, on Sewer Speedway, there are areas where rolling barrels are, these parts of the tracks are very "industrial pipe-like", meaning the track is a Pipe all the way around.  In the updated game, these are mere Half-pipe-like areas that seem to be simple drainage flows.


I will say, it does look good, but it does not allow for the same mechanics or methods of racing to be executed.  In the original, you could jump halfway up the wall of the pipe, and centrifital force would swirl you around to the opposite side of the pipe. You could also jump at the corners where the pipe turns for easy speed boosts.


The way the track is now, you have to go with the flow of the track, rather than create your own unique way through. If you attempt the old mechanics mentioned above, your jump gets cut short, and it sends you plummeting horizontally towards the center of the track, boosting you into the wrong direction and ultimately slowing you down.


What was once the most fun sections of this track, are now annoying, boring, inconvenient obstacles.


Through the online map votes, it is often ignored and skipped. On the rare occasion it comes up, I see my fellow racers who arent aware of the change plummet down and lose speed rather than gain or do any neat air tricks.


Due to this change, the track is no longer my favorite, and I am sure many feel the same. 


Please reconsider the design changes your company has made to this track.


Your Sewer Speedway champion,

- Jody

Likes: 1
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎24-06-2019

I fully agree with you besides that in this track have incovenient invisible walls whose make you lose reserves.

Likes: 7
Posts: 17
Registered: ‎14-12-2018

They will fix that in the next atualization

Likes: 7
Posts: 17
Registered: ‎14-12-2018
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