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Second player not working on Xbox One in split screen (local arcade)

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Hello, I hope you could help me because I'm desperate...


I bought CTR NF because of the split screen mode. I tried to play several times with my friends but I can't make it work... Indeed, when I go to "local arcade" then "single race" and when I choose two players, I can control the first player without any problem.


However, the second player with the second controller doesn't work. It says "Player 2 (Joueur 2 in French)" but there is nothing. Second controller is working on my Xbox, I can go to the menu, can connect to a second profile, etc. But it doesn't work in the game.


I often play FIFA with this controller and never had any problem.


I waited until this day for the major update announced but it didn't change anything. HOW CAN I HAVE THE SPLIT SCREEN WORKING?

I already created a topic on JEUXVIDEO.COM forum (French website) and another user has the same issue than me (on Xbox One X).


Can you please help me? Did you have any clue?

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Registered: ‎03-07-2019
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