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Please make CTR (Crash Team Racing) remaster!

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Re: Please make CTR (Crash Team Racing) remaster!

in reply to onkele

@onkele wrote:

I'll just join the spamming in order to put some pressure on Activision Smiley Happy All Crash fans want this to happen! ASAP Smiley Very Happy


  • I would (of course) love if Oxide became a playable character, like in Nitro Kart, though I also think it would be cool to be able to use his original UFO-ish boss kart. 
  • Also, an important change would be to make all tracks 8-player tracks - with local multiplayer as well. ShowBox Mobdro TutuApp Seemed the original had some graphics restrictions that prevented that (e.g. on Oxide Station).
  • It would also be cool if they added the tracks Oxide Station and Turbo Track to a cup and maybe created a few new tracks to make a new four-piece cup. Or make it possible to create a custom cup (of tracks of your own choice).


What do you guys think? 


...And also do Crash Bash too!!!

I would love to see Crash Bash reproduced multiplatform title over every single home comfort, Downloadable for PS4, PSTV, Wii U, and XboxOne, And a shoddy 2GB gamecard for Nintendo Switch estimated at $30 wouldn't do any harm. The Nintendo Switch Version could have extra movement control minigames playable with either a joycon controller or Switch professional Controller, (As they both have infared sensors and movement control)

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Re: Please make CTR (Crash Team Racing) remaster!

in reply to Arielmazicko

If I were activision I'd just go all out with motion contols, HD rumble, Amiibo features (unlocking the ability to play as Spyro by scanning an Amiibo behind a $13.99 paywall is fine by me)  And Nintendo Switch Exclusive minigames due to the more advanced controls.
Probably would include a special Crash Bash themed Joycon right that replaces or upgrades the Amiibo feature with the ability to scan select Skylanders figurines.  A left Joycon featuring Spyro with a D-Pad can also be useful for Crash/Spyro marketing.

But I think it'd be awesome to see Nitros Oxide be the main villain for this game just like the PSOne originals.  Even if the story is slightly different.

Forget N Sane Trilogy on 3DS, Please port CTR to the 3DS console! Don't forget up to 6 player splitscreen local play in 4k on Playstation and Wireless LAN multiscreen play on Switch! And Make Spyro Playable. Amiibo Compatibility!
Hire me.
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