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Please make CTR (Crash Team Racing) remaster!

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@onkele wrote:

I'll just join the spamming in order to put some pressure on Activision Smiley Happy All Crash fans want this to happen! ASAP Smiley Very Happy


  • I would (of course) love if Oxide became a playable character, like in Nitro Kart, though I also think it would be cool to be able to use his original UFO-ish boss kart. 
  • Also, an important change would be to make all tracks 8-player tracks - with local multiplayer as well. ShowBox Mobdro TutuApp Seemed the original had some graphics restrictions that prevented that (e.g. on Oxide Station).
  • It would also be cool if they added the tracks Oxide Station and Turbo Track to a cup and maybe created a few new tracks to make a new four-piece cup. Or make it possible to create a custom cup (of tracks of your own choice).


What do you guys think? 


...And also do Crash Bash too!!!

I would love to see Crash Bash reproduced multiplatform title over every single home comfort, Downloadable for PS4, PSTV, Wii U, and XboxOne, And a shoddy 2GB gamecard for Nintendo Switch estimated at $30 wouldn't do any harm. The Nintendo Switch Version could have extra movement control minigames playable with either a joycon controller or Switch professional Controller, (As they both have infared sensors and movement control)

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If I were activision I'd just go all out with motion contols, HD rumble, Amiibo features (unlocking the ability to play as Spyro by scanning an Amiibo behind a $13.99 paywall is fine by me)  And Nintendo Switch Exclusive minigames due to the more advanced controls.
Probably would include a special Crash Bash themed Joycon right that replaces or upgrades the Amiibo feature with the ability to scan select Skylanders figurines.  A left Joycon featuring Spyro with a D-Pad can also be useful for Crash/Spyro marketing.

But I think it'd be awesome to see Nitros Oxide be the main villain for this game just like the PSOne originals.  Even if the story is slightly different.

Don't forget up to 6 player wireless LAN mode on CTR for Switch 2p per console. And cross-platform online play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when playing with friends.
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