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Playability issues with The High Road

Crash Bandicoot™ Forum | Activision®

I've been playing the N Sane Trilogy for a few hours, and I've probably spent over an entire hour alone on just attempting to clear the jumps in The High Road and I've come to the conclusion that this level is just broken. There seems to be absolutely no leway in the way you have to use the turtles to clear the gaps. The positioning of the turtle and Crash prior to jumping have to be absolutely perfect or you can't make it. To make it worse, you can't easily reposition Crash while bouncing on the turtle because he constantly inches off of the turtle until you fall off the ledge. I've played all of the original titles more times than I can count and I've NEVER had to use over 80 lives to clear a few jumps. I've game-over'd twice now. No video game I've ever played in my life has every completely sucked the joy out of playing in just one level. However you've done it, congrats. I've can't continue the game with this issue.

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Registered: ‎30-06-2017

I lost about 50 lives on that level before I realized you could walk on the ropes, maybe give that a try?


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Registered: ‎01-07-2017
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