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I installed crash cart on a Symbian phone without paying, seems illegal how to get that right again (?).

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Hello, i am pretty new in smart(a*s) phone world. Bought an older symbian phone. Could't install some things, even free legal ones, and somehow got freesigner and rompatcher installed which made it possible to install some things. Now good chance that that is illegal it seems to me now, sinds i now found out the phone can play any game a handheld console did that was not so long ago still selling games. Also i think my previous phone is reason i was under this notion, since it only played (sometimes pretty nice ones) java games for free (in my defence). Anyhow, i have crash bandicoot kart installed for free, if anyone can tell me if that is legal or not. And if no (probably) then if it is available legaly somewhere, and if yes, then where that might be. Thanks in advance may be.

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Registered: ‎17-08-2019
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