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Hi, I got problem with 2 level: Hog Wild and Ripper Roo. In "Hog Wild" the hog wild won't run, and I can' t go on with the game. Same thing with Ripper Roo, enfact he doesn't get hurt and he do nothing for all the time. Please help me, I don't know what to do...

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in reply to ceramanik

The Ripper Roo glitch is a result of having two TNT crates blow up seconds apart and then dying shortly afterward.  This glitch was intentionally programmed in the game as an "Invincible Boss" cheat, and not the only one of it's kind, as N Tropy turns invisible and invincible a sort of "endless" 'survival mode" the solution is to restart the level and defeat Ripper Roo normally, while trying hard not to blow him up a second time until he's done with his "I'm Crazy" spin dance this is done with alot of bosses, the solution is to exit the level and re-enter, which isn't so bad because loading times for bosses are fast, and you're not wasting any extra lives on the boss by exiting.


Simple, Exit Ripper Roo's level, then defeat the level without getting Roo hit by a second TNT box durring his Crazy Looney Spin Jump Dance.


As for Hog Wild, the Warthog was simply never intended to be riden by Coco Bandicoot, as the character models do have slight differences dispite gameplay being regular identical in the normal levels.

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in reply to DrBandicoot

I don't know why, but the 2 level is still not working...

P.S. in hog wild I can't use Coco, so the problem is when I use Crash, but the animal is still not running. 

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