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Does anyone remember Crash Team Racing CTR and does anyone think that it should also be remastered?

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I was looking at the new Crash game and had remembered the Crash Team Racing (CTR) game and didn't know if anyone on here would remember the old playstation 1 game. If anyone does do you think that it should also be remastered along with the N Sane Trilogy that they are making? Also any comments on Crash Bash?

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Honestly I would much rather have a CTR remaster plugged into a sequel to both Crash Bash and Crash CTR where Nitros Oxide decides to challenge the multiverse to an open tournament.  Dark Spyro, Evil Crash, Evil Coco, and Evil Crunch will be the Evil 10th Dimension's team, 7th DImension's team would be Dr. Nice Cortex. G'neat Gnorc, Fake Crash, and Nice Nina

Evil Team would be N. Gin, Neo Cortex, Dingodile, Tiny Tiger

Good Team would be Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Crunch Bandicoot, and Spyro

Don't forget up to 6 player wireless LAN mode on CTR for Switch 2p per console. And cross-platform online play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when playing with friends.
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Thats it confirmed at the game awards "18"


Its roughly going to be about "4/Four months",

To go till it drops,On XBL/PSN/Nintendo stores



Hope this helps,Thanks




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